Free Exclusive Halo Reach Armor (for iOS Users)

Have an Ipad,Iphone or Ipod? Love Halo Reach? Love getting free stuff? I thought so.

Today Bungie released the Bungie app. on the Apple app store. I havent really played with the ap muc yet (I have a droid phone) but it looks like a place to manage your halo stats, along with picking up some Bungie swag. Like for today, they are giving away the Blue Flame helmet and a unique Nameplate for your spartan on Halo Reach from now until July 7. (7 7 get it?)

Heres the directions for getting it:

First download the app. you can browse the store or use this link: Link Here

Upon opening the app. at the bottom you will see: Love Bungie. Go there...

I forgot to take pics. of process but you will see 2 options: Blue flame and nameplate. Go into Blue flame and enable.

Now when I got onto Reach I had a new armor message pop up. I then went into armory and into armor effects.

Enable it and your done. This is what it looks like on my spartan.


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