Realizing the truth and vacation

Well we are only about a
month out from our vacation, and im starting to realize 2 things.

1. Im super ready for vacation.
2. I set an unrealistic goal.

A few weeks ago, I said I wanted to hit 250's before the cruise. Only thing is my body said no. It seems to be comfortable in the 280-279 range because it hasnt moved at all. Its true that I havent counting calories near as close as I was, nor have I been really watching how much I am eating.  So really its my own fault.

But after the wife told me this morning "you have kinda gave up" that I realized I had. Heres hoping I can hit 260's before july. Now that I am back on track.


  1. Well were running two miles this weekend

  2. I ran more miles on cod this weekrnd. Maybe instead of driving to yard sales, I should have just walked to them lol.


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