Cubot- The Cheapest and Easiest 1000 Gamerscore yet!

I really do hope Cubot is a starting trend. A trend of easy completion games at a $2 price.

I picked up Cubot from the Games Market on XB1 Friday evening. Not because I knew how easy it was going to be, but because its price tag of $1.99. I have a rule, any game $5 or less, I buy. My thought is I can have at least $5 worth of fun with any game, so why not.

Saturday evening, after the stream went off-line, I was browsing TA and saw a bunch of people on my feed completing the game. I then saw a conversation that the game took only 30 min to 1 hour to complete.

That was it, I was sold. So Sunday morning the stream was started and Cubot was loaded. Streamed the entire game right down to completion. Clock time for stream? 1 hour and 7 minutes.

I had a couple issues following instructions a few times (just because of the sheer moves some levels take) but all in all a quick, fun and extremely cheap 1000 gamerscore.

Definitely buy this one!!!

Replay of the stream here:


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