Getting prepped for the TSG TTK Raid

As all of you know, The Taken King is out and the raid has been conquered. But the guys at TSG, we all have full-time jobs, families and only get to play Destiny when we can (make time for).

So we are spending this week prepping for the raid (that 290 light, grrrr....)

Right now, it looks like Tony currently has the lead (292) followed by Eric (291). I am of course a week behind, and coming in third at 284, and the major grind has set in for me.

Other members of our raid group Richie (Richieg13) ranks in at 287 and Bryan (who is TBD) sets in at 237.

Andrew (our 6th man) is setting at a level 32 Titan with 144 light. We miss you Andrew, its time to jump back in.