Getting Ready for PAX East

Irate Drake and myself are about to leave for Boston to join the excitement that is PAX East.  After doing some reading on what to expect at PAX it has helped me in what to pack at the convention.  I'm going to bring a book bag so I can hopefully fill it full of swag that is handed out over the duration of the con.  Hopefully might get some stuff to give away on this site.

I am a little worried of the weather situation not only in Boston but also where we are leaving from.  There are chances of snow pretty much our whole route but I don't think it is something that will impede our arrival.

With the guidebook app and printable items I have hopefully we won't get lost and get to enjoy as much of it as we can.  Ill be sure to take some pics and video while we are there to post on site.

Here's to swag, good times, and a safe trip.