Make It Rain App - My Latest Guilty Pleasure

Make It Rain has been out for some time on iOS and Android devices, but recently just hit the Windows Phone platform. It brought with it a fresh achievement list that is for game like this is both fun and addicting.

For those who have never played the game, the premise is simple.make money, and spend money, lots and lots of money.

To control the game you rapidly swipe your hand (or finger) over the stack of money to throw it around and add it to your amount of money. Where's the fun in that you may ask? Its hard to explain, but its addicting. Plus you can use your cash to buy upgrades that accrue money faster and increases the size of your stack.

Ive been so addicted to the game that I set in bed at night before bed, and just toss bills.

The achievement list, as I mentioned earlier, really adds to the replay value.

Now excuse me, while I go throw this cash and wish that the amount of money I'm accruing per second was real.