Minecraft: I just dont get it.

Since Minecraft hit the scene, it has been a huge success. People love the game and love getting lost in their own personal digital world they have created. Ive avoided the game so far, for no reason particularly, other than it just didn't look that interesting to me.

So last night, not really being able to decide on what to play, I figured "Now, I try Minecraft."

So I unwrapped my disc, and threw it into my 360 console.

2 hours later and I still don't get it.

My synopsis: Your a random guy blocked into block world with no objectives other than to survive.
You smash blocks of materials to get blocks of materials. You use the blocks to build buildings or craft objects.

Then the aggressive creatures show up. Spiders, skeletons and worst of all, creepers that blow up everything you have worked to build.

Rinse and repeat.

I don't get it. Ill give the tutorial a play tonight, maybe I'm missing something.

Sell me on it folks. Forum Post Here


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