More than just gaming...


I am old. Well, older I guess I should say. Since I started this page, so much has changed. I use to be an avid gamer. If I had free time, I had a controller in my hand. I made time to enjoy gaming. My gamer score blossomed, LAN parties were still a thing and there were a group of us that enjoyed the adventures together. 

Time changes things. I still enjoy gaming when I get a chance too, but sitting in front of a screen is hard for me now. Since I bought my house and making it a home, my interest and hobbies have morphed. 

Last night for example, I could have set and played something in the library that I have always thought about, but instead, I built a media shelf for the collection, and I enjoyed it. It hit me while I was laying in bed, I have changed. 

I still love gaming! I love the business, the stories, the entertainment, the history, I just dont get the chance to partake as much as I would like. 

3D printing has become a recent obsession of mine. I bought a Creality Ender 3 V2 four years ago, during my divorce. It set in a box moving from place to place until last month. I finally took the time to set it up, fine tune and now theres nothing I wont print. 

Travelling has also become a outlet. I have been to the other side of the world three times and theres still so much I want to see. 

As I age and mature, financials become an outlet. I am a very budget minded person, always have been. Many post on this page enforce that mindset of mine. 

So why do I say all this here? because this will all probably be changing. 

I always tried to make the post and content here focused on gaming, But that only happens so much now... because of that this site hasnt gotten any attention for awhile. Its time for a change...

As of today, TSG will become more than a gaming site. There will still be that of course, but different topics and post are inbound. I want to continue to share interest and things that others may help others.