Editing Site Once Again...


Its been ages since I have been on here and a totally different life now, so let me dust off these magic fingers and see how this goes!

The other day I was looking at my checking account and noticed I had renewed this domain another year.

I pondered, should I just let it go? let someone else by the domain and actually do something with it? What exactly do I want this site to be? Maybe you should temper your expectations Shaune!

I have tried multiple things with the site. From a deals and freebies, to a giveaway, to a podcast, to, well name it and I have probably tried it. Thumbstick Gamer has always been a playground of sorts for me. But I always manage walking away and it suffers. 

The last time I posted here was last August, since then I have been divorced, bought a new place to live and tried to piece my life back together. I didn't post about any of it and kind of went through it all by myself. I lost a job,  quit a job and got a new job since then as well, so really I am a different person all around.

But I still love gaming. 

I don't get to enjoy games nearly as much as I use too, being a single dad making everything work is time consuming and hard. All of my free time is spent with my kids and on weeks I don't have them, I am doing something for them guaranteed. 

So anyway, why am I posting this? Like I said, I have always had a hard time finding an identity with TSG, other than my playground to keep my HTML and other web design things completely dead. 

The one thing I haven't tried here is actually blogging consistently. 

What does that mean for this page exactly? Well probably more random stuff. I am a nerd with opinions on lots of things and stuffs. I cant think of a better way to just put things out there, whatever it may be, then here.

Thumbstick Gamer will be evolving into more than just a gaming site. I'll be talking any and everything I want too. There will still be video game stuff of course, but other things will make their way here as well. Whatever I feel like putting up for your enjoyment, will be here on TSG. 

Of course, this starts with a new theme! This has always been a major struggle for me as well, just getting the site to feel and look the way I want. Right now, I am rocking a standard theme for Blogger, nothing special and honestly, this might stick for awhile. It could change next week. Only time will tell!

Drake Out.


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