Welcome Back!

Sorry for that extended timeout/hiatus I have been on lately. I havent stopped gaming, of course, just focused on other ventures like streaming and the YouTube channel.

But life has once again taken a shift, and I will be becoming a more hermit gamer. This will hopefully allow be some more time to do some blogging. Fixing and crafting things, just plain staying home for entertainment.

I have set my game spending budget for the next few years to $0... Just so I can enjoy what I already have (Which is way too much!) but there isnt a reason for it to remain on a shelf and unused. Lets binge through my backlog!

I started the venture last night on my Twitch stream (Twitch.TV/IrateDrake) with Eragon (PAL). This isnt the prettiest game by any means, nor the most fun. But then again, its not awful. I am trying to play through some of my region achievement stacks I have just sitting on.

Hopefully, Ill be wrapping it up tonight. Then on to the next stack.

I know I am rambling, but my minds kind of everywhere right now.