Black OPS 2 -Backwards Compatible Today

It's been a long time coming. Black Ops II is finally backwards compatible on XB1.

This is a huge fan service since it was always the first complaint with any BC release.

So finally those cries can go away with todays announcement. Are you excited?


  1. Poor lads, you've actually didn't know what a mistake it was) And I'm talking about both the XBone port and the game itself... But this is always what happens with every on this console, so I don't get it why still anybody buys this! No console hating here, PS4 is brilliant, but anyway I prefer more to play games on the pc, to be frank. Especially speaking of Counter Strike, because there you can have the right experience only on PC, and there is the best skins which you also can buy via CS GO market And of course, I still think that it's a lame idea to play fps on consoles, because how you'll be able to aim quickly with gamepad?))


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