Thumbstick Gamer: The Movement, The Brand

When I first started Thumbstick Gamer, I wanted it to be a place I could post news articles and opinions about things. Then I brought Eric and Tony on board and we started the podcast. It was a blast.

Then life happened. Kids came along, job changes happened. We all sort of grew up.

The site stayed though, stagnant at times with less and less visitors. But it still stayed.

This brings me to today's reflection. Tony and I were talking last week about the good times and the site. I mentioned its lack of content and post here lately and that when he said it. "Its more of a group movement and brand at this point."

I have been pondering that lately, and he's absolutely right.

The site and name evolved into something I never thought about. It has became a social group. Friends who just enjoy playing games.


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