Quick Thoughts: Song of the Deep

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to experience an upcoming title, Song of the Deep.

Not seeing much of the game other than sales promotions, I wasn't sure what to expect.

I have now pre-ordered it. The game is a 2D side-scroller in a Metroidvania style. The story has players take control of Merryn, a 12 year old girl who is cared for by her father, a fisherman, who tells her many tall tales from his travels and adventures.

One day, her father goes missing at see. In an attempt to save him, Merryn creates a submarine and sets out on her own adventure.

I spent roughly 30 minutes on the game and I enjoyed every moment of it. A great art style and intriguing puzzles captivated me instantly.

I highly recommend, especially with an entry price of just $15 for a new physical copy (limited run), it's hard to go wrong.


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