Gears of War HD Screens Leaked

Footage from the long rumoured Gears of War HD release has finally seen the day of light.

Game play videos were originally/accidentally posted on the XboxDVR website. The clips have since been removed, but you can watch the two clips below:


More screens have also popped up on NeoGAF as well.

After watching the videos, I'm left with one question, is this really necessary?

I enjoyed all 3 gears games (not counting judgement) and played them on the 360 of course, and after watching the video's I don't see anything mind blowing that says "wow, what a difference."

From an achievements stand point, its going to be another nightmare. 3 more chances to grind out Seriously, Seriously 2.0 and 3.0. No thanks.

So what are your thoughts? Is a Gears of War HD release really necessary? or just another cash in?