TSG Guide - Women's Murder Club (Windows Phone)

Now, I'm not going to complain much about TrueAchievements and its user-submitted guides, but sometimes they are so hard to follow.

Women's Murder Club guide is a prime example. I always heard the game was really easy, but when I first took a glimpse at the guide on TA, I instantly became confused. I was being told to play the first mission over and over again, with no clue why.

Women's Murder Club is like I-Spy, you are given scenes with a list of things at the bottom that you need to find. The game can get tough, cause some things are really well hidden, but you are given hints you can use, just use them sparingly, cause you they have to last for at least a few scenes.

After you find everything on a scene, you have to collect evidence, that is shown to you by glittering spots on the scene. Its all really easy, so don't go worrying about it.

Drakes Method: So here's how I played the game. Just start a new campaign and enjoy it. 

You will more than likely unlock everything by naturally playing the game (I did) and I didn't even bother looking at an achievement list or attempting any of them.

During the game you end up playing the same scenes over and over again, so you naturally remember where things are when your list at the bottom appears cause you've found it before.

If by the end of the campaign, you have unlocked all the achievements, just replay the first scene over and over, going into options>reset data, each time so its starts out new.

The game is quite enjoyable and fun, so just play the game as it was meant to be played, and enjoy your relatively short time with Women's Murder Club.