XBOX Live Rewards has gotten worse

Last year when we saw what the birthday reward was from Xbox Live rewards, we laughed. 20 Microsoft points is useless, it can't get any worse, we thought.

Well... It did.

After checking my email and being surprised again. Of course all excitement was gone this time, so the email read:

Over the past year... Blah blah blah...hope you had a great year... Blah blah blah.... Here's a little something to brighten your day, an Xbox Live Rewards birthday cake, just print it out, follow instructions, snap a picture and tweet it to us so we can personally say happy birthday.

For one that's too much damn work for a tweet. Two, isn't a tweet the same as an email, both cold, digital and uncaring. Three, id rather just have the .25 cents monetary value (since MSP is no more) added to my account.

I can do nothing with a tweet, and here we thought 20 Microsoft points was terrible.

At least we still have Games are Old... I mean Games for Gold.


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