Pokemon HeartsGold Version: Taking me back to 1998

Last week, followers of my twitter (@IrateDrake) saw me post that my Internet was out. So I decided to game, since I don't have an XBOX One, Internet outages don't really hamper me just yet.

But being in a Gamer Score competition does. For the achievements help our team, they have to be timestamped and unlocked online, So scratch 360. On PS3, I had only started BF3 and that was all online multi player, I didn't feel the need to go through that games abysmal single player story again. So I opened a plastic container I had shoved in the closet.

Inside I found my old DS and popped in a copy of Pokemon Hearts Gold Version, I got earlier at a yard sale. It started out as a "Just to test it out" but soon turned into a set down and play for real thing. I have since been carrying my DS with me to play on lunch break and when my wife is watching Revenge on NetFlix, I boot it up.

This game is pure nostalgia to me, even though I never played it originally.

Back in 1998, I was a young pup in middle school. Always being a gamer, I knew of Pokemon Red and Blue, and remember the release.  I remember everyone at school carrying their Game Boy systems to school, many being confiscated by teachers, for battling during class. I didn't have Pokemon at first, but I finally got my copy (much like HeartsGold) at a garage sale. The kid had ripped the label off of cartridge, so the mom didn't know what it was, so it was dirt cheap (I'm wanting to say like 50 cents or 75 cents I don't remember) but it was my first and only copy of Pokemon Red.

All of my friends had their Game Boy Pockets and a few had the Game Boy Colors, myself on the other hand, had the old brick, mac daddy Game Boy instead. I remember taking it everywhere, even church when I could sneak it.

Anyway, I played the crap out of Pokemon Red. I remember when Pokemon Yellow got a release and Catron had it. He no longer had to trade with people for the version specific Pokemon, and we had so many battles back in forth, we even revisited it in High School for kicks. Both of us doing the Missing no. trick and using a Game Shark device to get my Mew and up to Level 100.  This game just has so many memories, and playing Hearts Gold now brings them all back.
my friend John

 Anyone else out there have any fond memories of Pokemon from yester-year, anyone wanna exchange friend codes and battle sometime?


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