find+collect - A must have Windows Phone App for Game Colectors

When I made my jump from Android to Windows Phone, I was left in a bit of disarray.

All my apps I loved and used so much of, were now gone. Sure, I had achievements now, but everything else, gone.
But finally Windows Phone started to catch on and my apps have started to return.

One I used a lot on droid was called "Shelves". Its like a digital library, where you can input your collection of games, book, CD, DVD, whatever into it and be able to see the item in your collection. Image and all.
The other day, I searched for Shelves on Windows Phone Store, and found it wasn't available, but found something better. A little app called "find+collect".

It works just like Shelves did but doesn't have a bar code scanner. I emailed the creator Delilah and she informed me that there is an update of another version coming this August, that will integrate the bar code scanner, so adding items to your collection will be even simpler. 

The application uses to find your item you own, and even has a backup feature that allows you to save your collection list to your Drop Box for safe keeping in case something goes wrong.

Check it out!!! 


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