Windows Phone gets some Love

First and foremost, Id like to apologize for not posting anything new here as of late. During the nice weather months I tend to enjoy the weather a bit more than staying inside.

Secondly, Windows Phone users (like myself) are finally getting some love. There is a few titles and discounts id like to highlight for everyone.

Free Games

Angry Birds - Free - WP8 - Rovio has officially released a version of Angry Birds for the WP8. The achievements seem easier but be warned there is a glitch after 5 hours of play that crashes the game, and it can no longer be played (without a uninstall and reinstall anyway), that removes all your progress.. My guess is Rovio will patch this (since the price raises after the 15th of this month).

Monster Burner - Free - I don't know too much about this game, but heck free is free.


Price Drops

DaVinci Pinball - .99 cents - I noticed this yesterday, Just a pinball game, but heard that there is a glitched achievement for those that care.

Cut the Rope Experiments - .99 cents - Upon release this game came out at $1.99 (I believe), my guess is no one bought it so it saw a price drop. The games fun and just another cut the rope with added toys and contraptions. CTRE also has easy achievements and easily completable.

Farm Frenzy 2 - .99 cents - Don't know anything about it, but it got a drop last week and is still on sale as of this posting so jump on it quick before price goes back up to $3

Sallys Salon Luxury Edition - .99 cents - This was dropped today. its usually $2-$3. I'm guessing its about running a salon (right up my alley :S) but for .99 cents I cant much complain. 


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