The Morning After: XBOX One

Waking up from a information hangover due to yesterdays reveal, and I felt kinda bad about the rant I did on last night special podcast entry.

But was I too haste in my judgement?

This is the morning after. Ive had time to sleep and let go of all the info that upset me yesterday. Time to revisit the XBOX One. I have came to accept that yesterdays reveal wasn't for us as gamers, it was for general consumers. People looking for the best, newest technology to date (not gaming perspective).
This conference was pandered to those customers that have to have the newest gadgets.

From us gamers, its all about the games. Yesterday, we didn't get to see a whole lot to help ease our minds.

What we know officially:

1. XBOX One is a media machine. Used to integrate all your entertainment applications into one box. The XBOX One interfaces with all of your current media applications, cable, satellite, you name it. Look at it as a Media Center PC in one big box. Its controls and what it has to offer for TV viewers in awesome. For the general consumer it looks like the next best thing to have in your house.

2. The Kinect 2.0 comes with the XBONE. It has to be turned on, has to be able to see before the XBONE will work. Period.

3. Spec. wise the PS4 is and will be more powerful than the XBOX One. Microsoft has said that this generation they didn't focus on being the best hardware available, just wanted it to be a media giant.

4. XBOX One isn't technically online only, but it does require a Internet connection at least once a day.  At least once a day you will have to connect your XBOX One to the Internet to replicate with the live servers. It can then be taken offline for 24 hours for single player play.

5. Used games aren't allowed as we know it. We are still trying to get clarification on this, but whatever way this goes, you will have to pay an additional fee for a license file. Initial reports stated that in order to play a game on the Xbox One it has to be installed on the HDD. This ties the game to your account and your console.

If a friend was to borrow that game from you they would have to buy a license file. No idea on pricing yet (even though signs are pointing to full msrp), this would also be the same process if you was to trade the game off, though reports are saying now you can untie your license file from your account so it can resold and reused. Either way there is going to be a fee of some type with used game.

Looking back on this information today, I still don't want to buy the thing straight out. I'm sure ill get one at one point, just for the exclusives, but will not be my main platform.

I'm a game fan boy, not a console fan boy.