Haven't Joined Bing Rewards Yet?

I cannot stress enough how great Bing rewards is. If you don't like Bing results that much, that's cool also. Just sign up with your Microsoft account and do 30 random searches each day. I like to do 1-11-111-1111-11111..... so on.

Each day you get can get 15 points just for browsing the Inet (which your going to be doing anyway).

I usually get 100 Microsoft Points every two weeks. Its a killer deal, to do something I would be doing anyway. Best part is the Microsoft Points gotten from Bing rewards are region free, so you can use them on NTSC-J and Pal consoles.

Join Bing Rewards Here

Everyone who signs up for it under my link gets me 10 points to help towards future site giveaways.

Thanks allot everyone, go get them Microsoft Points.


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