EA Offering Online Passes and DLC Free

Well this is weird for me and I'm actually scratching my head at the moment, but it seems like EA are trying to turn over a new leaf.

They have marked allot of DLC and online passes to Free on XBOX Live.

I figured it was some kind of glitch, so I'm downloading it all, and is only for XBOX Live at the moment (no word on whether or not this will be coming to PSN)

American McGees Alice - This is the full game but you have to have Alice Returns Disk to play it

Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP - Probably just online and other perks

Bulletstorm Online Pass - The online has always free so this is just online perks

Dragon Age Origins Stone Prisoner DLC - Extra quests and character, includes achievements

Dragon Age 2 Black Emporium DLC - Bonus Items and shop

Kingdom of Amalur Online Pass - Extra quest and arena stuff

Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network - Extra quest, character, achievements

Medal of Honor Online Pass - Online Multi player

SHIFT 2 Unleashed Online Pass - Online multi player probably

Skate 3 Share Pack - Required for achievements (even though the server are off so achievements cant be earned) you can still play online with it.

Again I'm baffled that they are doing this. I'm sure this is because the Next Gen consoles are going to have a DRM feature like Microsoft has already hinted at.

Now if only they would turn all their dead server back on, we could be friends, but I wont hold my breathe.

***EDIT*** You cant download the MOH and ME2 Cerberus from browser have to do it on XBOX