Thumbstick Gamer Podcast - Episode 1: So, Basically...

Our first podcast has been recorded, edited and hosted for your listening pleasure.

There is a pretty fun drinking game to be had while listening.


Grab a bottle of your favorite liquor.
Pour a few shots
Every time I say "So, basically..." drink a shot.

I never realized I said that so much. Was probably just my nerves. Anyway enjoy, and I wont be using that phrase again.

EMT 969 will be randomly giving away 400 MSP on April 9th. All you need to do is leave a comment or suggestion ( we need some) and you will be entered. Leave your Gamertag or email in your comments so we can get the prize to you.

 Thanks and hope you enjoy.

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  1. So Basically it rocked! Its nice its not 4 hours long, and its nice to hear some news instead of some podcasts that feature hosts talking about what they did the entire week. So basically keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoyed your super cheap perspective. Keep it up guys. Are you on itunes?
    email is

  3. We are working on getting our podcast on iTunes and Zune, so that should happen soon if all goes well.

    thanks for the comments so far everyone.

  4. What a drinking game.

    GT: FallenSader

  5. Lol yeah fallen. I didn't know I used it that much, but I've already stopped using it.

    no more of that

  6. Enjoyed it. Prefer this format to other gaming podcasts I listen to. Will subscribe on itunes later

    - Tony Starc

  7. Thanks so much Tony. We appreciate all the support

  8. Entertaining podcast guys nice job.

    GT: HailFireBITKHAN

  9. Enjoyed it quite a bit. You guys made the time fly by.

    To be honest I didn't even notice the "so, basically". We all have things we do naturally which makes it good.

    Keep the informal aspect as well. Seems to work great and you 3 seem to get along well too.


  10. So basically... Headcase sounds British sometimes.

    Good shit guys. Really appreciate the easy going feel of the show.

  11. lol thank's for the comment's Fella's

  12. Loving the podcast, nice and short. To the point is all ways nice to have.

    GT: matdan12

  13. Diggin the banter between everyone keeps the attention and hearing people discuss the news, opinions on prices and content its fun. I'll probably be tuning in often good background sound for browsing the webs.
    GT: Blackhawk Six

  14. I use my Vita to play classic games (emulators) so it's kinda related to the first two news.

    Minecraft it's not free for the PC, the xbox version is pretty limited but it has Split-screen and you can play it with your controller and some people rather play it that way.

    The podcast is pretty interesting TBH.

    Some suggestions:
    -Try to have a section where you talk about something suggested by the community, you can do it maybe with a poll or asking your listeners to write some on the comments section.
    -If you're doing this weekly try to evaluate the good the bad and the ugly of each week.

    Next time talk about the drama involving the Creative Director of MS and the Xbox 720 "Always on" controversy on twitter, I know you've heard about it.

    Thanks for doing the MSP giveaway, you're more humble than MS.


  15. Candy Crush? Childs in danger? Edited games (E for Everyone right?)?
    Congrats guys you have actually made a really good podcast and I don't like most podcasts. You had good news, it was funny and fast paced, and that makes a good podcast. Keep it like that.

  16. Pretty good show to start off the series. Not the typical several hour long podcast, but it doesn't have to be. Interested to see how this continues down the road. Keep up the good work.

  17. Good show will be listening in the future.

    GT Buckmarley155

  18. Dr Boom XXX
    Very interesting podcast, definitely will be tuning in to the next one. good job guys.

  19. I'm definitly going to be a long time listener to this podcast. Keep it up, you guys, you'll grow in size as it goes along.

  20. Very interesting. These are very cool to listen to.

    Xbox GT:xtoxicx rarrz

  22. Excellent first podcast. I look forward to seeing where the podcast goes in the next few years with the upcoming releases of new consoles! I would also like to hear your opinions on the "Always Online" feature that the new xbox console is considering. Sounds like a bad move to me...

  23. xbox gamertag: Onthomaz
    hope you choose meee ;) :))

  24. Who has a ps vita...? not me
    Xbox live rewards always has a monthly rebate kinda thing when you buy something. most of their sales suck.
    I think that you guys should note what you guys are talking about in the podcast, but good stuff.

  25. Very cool episode folks. gt is Gramku.

  26. Winner is Michael Rose Congrats and thanks for listening guys there will be more contests keep checking back.


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