Sources say that Google plans on selling at least eight million next-gen tablets, which will run on Qualcomm Inc's Snapdragon processor.
Aside from the new processor (the current Nexus 7 has an Nvidia chip), there are scant details about the new tablet: a higher resolution screen and a smaller bezel are the only things mentioned in the Reuters piece. So they're saying maybe a $199 price tag. Irate Drake should have held off a little longer but maybe your model will go cheaper so I can get it.


  1. Damn. Oh well, I still love mine. If the current version drops to $150 (what I gave for mine) its a must pickup.

    only thing I wish mine had was 3g (it can with adapter and OTG cable *rooted*) but that saves me the cost of an additional data plan or getting rid of my crappy unlimited data and be restricted.

    either way the nexus is tablet of choice for me.

  2. Yeah but your restricted on unlimited lol speed wise. I got 8gb and never touch it


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