The Achievement Harlem Shake Youtube Giveaway

       With the latest craze sweeping YouTube, the Harlem Shake, is not only hilarious to us but a lot of fun and easy to make. So all of us here at TSG decided to have some fun, and make a Harlem Shake video, except spice it up, achievement style.

We will be giving away two 400 MSP codes to 2 random people that comment on our YouTube page for this video.  The drawing will be on March 23rd.  Everyone that comments will be put into the drawing. We can contact you at your YouTube account if you don't want to leave your information in the comments at YouTube, so if you win, so we can award you. 

Thanks for checking out the our video, and as always thanks for visiting Thumbstick Gamer.

Here is the link ------------->

Hope you all enjoy and please leave a comment, like on YouTube and subscribe to our channel if interested. We will have plenty of vids in the near future for your entertainment.

 Winners: EliteEdawg420 and il radd

Thanks again everyone for visiting and checking out our stupidness!!!


  1. who ended up winning??

  2. For some reason EMT only posted results on YouTube video.

    The winners were:

    il radd

    I'll edit his post so everyone will know. Thanks for pointing it out.


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