- My Wii U Rant -

The Nintendo Wii U, or Virtual Boy 2.0 as I like to call it, seems to be having a couple issues getting off the ground at this point and I fear that Nintendo’s days in the Video Game business may soon be numbered, and I’m honestly saddened.
First a little back story.
I grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was my second video game console, after the Tandy 64 that is, and I spent a lot of my childhood enjoying the fun and entertainment it brought me.  I never had a Super Nintendo as a child but did have friends who had one, I was a genesis guy myself, but after the Nintendo 64 they drew me back in.
The N64 is probably my favorite consoles of all time, it’s one of those systems I can still pickup and play for hours upon hours after all these years.  So naturally I then progressed to the GameCube which I didn’t spend a ton of time with, Microsoft released a little thing known as the XBOX which came with a title known as Halo, which took the majority of my teen years.
A few years back when Nintendo announced the Wii, that same nostalgic feeling came back to me and it was the horse I backed. My wife and I went clear to Michigan to find one, because they were so hard to find. It was great at first, but then the novelty wore off and then I realized what I had purchased , a party system, every game that came out was party this and party that, or wave your arms around like a jackass.  So I picked up a 360 and never went back.
Fast forward to today.
When I first heard about the Wii U, I didn’t even care. Nintendo had stuck a jagged knife in my heart and killed all my expectations for anything they announced or would release. Today I go around the stores and see a ton of Wii U systems set on the shelves, everywhere. They aren’t selling.  I then hear that Nintendo is going to be rerereleasing the Wii yet again, called micro Wii or something like that. Sounds to me like something that a male clinic patient would suffer from.
I hate what Nintendo have become; they have stopped selling quality games, and focused on just selling hardware.  Seems like every time they release something its out for 3 months, then gets a revision (Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, ETC).

I honestly don’t know a single person who owns or have owned a Wii U. When imp in GameStop I always ask how well it’s doing, but what I keep hearing is the same answer every time. Not well. Looking at the Library of games is just as sad. It’s made up of games been out for years on the 360 and PS3 but given a novelty feature to use on the Wii U tablet.
It’s the saddest library at GameStop, followed only by the Vita.
So the question is what would it take for you to buy a Wii U?
Myself, quality titles. Give me a quality HD Zelda with attitude and grit. Give me another Smash Brother with better online integration. Scrap the party games and mini games; get back to the core player.
And finally stop issuing new hardware every 2 years.