Dead Space 4 gets the boot after weak Dead Space 3 Sales

Dead Space 4 has been cancelled during pre-production according to reports we are finding all over the nets.  The sequel, which was in pre-production at Visceral Games, but has been cancelled by EA execs after Dead Space 3 failed to reach its target sales goal.
It is also said that Visceral Montreal developer of the yet to be released Army of Two: Devils Cartel, who was also developing prototypes and mocks up for DS4, has also said to have been closed.
The source also then goes on to give some insights into Dead Space 3 development.
The project was almost cancelled partway through and saw many budget cuts throughout development.
Weapon specific ammo was also ditched late in the process in order to include generic ammo that would allow EA to add micro-transactions.
The Dead Space 3 launch was the biggest of 2013 and the time of its release, despite and decline of 26% in one week sales compared to Dead Space 2.
We recently detailed here on Thumbstick Gamer, EA’s plan to include micro-transactions for all future video game releases.
Dead Space 3 arrived with 11 pieces of day one DLC, all of which made it quicker and easier to harvest items.
*** Note to EA*** Micro-Transactions are not being embraced by all gamers… RIP Dead Space.