Assassin's Creed 4 - Details Emerge

Enter Edward Kenway. The next AC installment puts us under the hood of a master pirates during the golden age of piracy, along with dozens of new locations new to the series. You'll play as Edward Kenway, Great-Grand father to Connor from AC3, a master pirate and captain of the Jackdaw (ship) which will allow you to travel and roam the Caribbean as you see fit.

Your ship will act as a second main character from what were hearing. Its the key to exploration and setting the world, and without it, there would be nothing. Your ship will be free to customize as you want. Slim her down for fast navigation and travel or load her down with enough fire power to destroy an entire armada.

You will also be able to recruit ship hands and deckmaates for your ship which can be lost through natural game play like battles and storms (scurvy).

Ubisoft also made it clear that exploration would be seamless. You will be able to leap from the ship into the deep blue and onto land without and load times.

Because of this exploration and battles will also be seamless. If you spot a merchant ship that catches your eye in the distance, and you roll out to her, and take over the ship all of which will happen without any load times also.

Black Flag not only the biggest game world the franchise has presented, but also the most diverse, with over 50 unique locations to visit.Cities obviously return, and offer three different flavours; Havana is the most European in architecture and population, while Kingston is dominated by British forces. Nassau, meanwhile, is described as a pirate haven.

You'll see much more if you take to the waves. Fishing villages are potted around archipelagos, which are perfect for finding side missions or repairing your ship. Plantations can be plundered, showing that pirates pillaged from land-based targets and not just ships.Hidden coves are a hive for smugglers (and loot), while coconut islands offer sun-kissed beaches and a prime opportunity to recruit more crew members.

Excitement is setting in......


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