SSG Headcase's Game of the Week

            Black College Football The Experience has got to be the worst football game ever made in my opinion. I received this game from GameFly on February 5th, popped it in and decided I would get a quick 1000g and send it back. Wrong! I started a play now game 5min quarters and I'm guessing with the worst team on the game against the best. The game give's you no rating's on any team, or does not let you adjust slider's for easier gaming. All you have to pick from is freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior for difficulty setting.
            I play through first game and only wind up with 6 achievements, which wasn't to bad for first game considering I still lost and my receiver's couldn't catch a basketball if it was thrown at them. So i set the game down for about a week, and pick it back up, Irate Drake stopped over for a visit so we decided to jump in on a 1vs1 match and see if we could boost cheevo's....hurray they start popping left and hey get you a boosting buddy and knock out every cheevo you can. Whenever you knock that Marching band Master! cheevo out LET ME KNOW! I would love your help or expertise.


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