Gear of War: Judgement Leaked

It looks like Microsoft's latest and probably last major exclusive of this generation has been heisted by pirates and currently being shared across the interwebs a month early.

Suffering the same fate as Halo 4, which also leaked a month ahead of time, Gears of War: Judgement is the latest victim to walk the piraty planks of theft. We haven't gotten any tips or sources of the leak (even though it was probably someone who took a review copy), Microsoft is investigating the leak, so hopefully they find the source and deal with it.

Along with leaks though thumbers, comes allot of info, data and spoilers about the said game.  So if you were looking forward to GOW Judgement, and wanted to keep your first play through pure, avoid the Internet at all cost.

Myself being someone who has little to no interest in GOW judgement will remain right here.

But you all can find solace and peace of mind when visiting here. We will keep this website free of all spoilers we hear while browsing the iwebs. We don't want to ruin the gaming experience for any of you faithful readers.


  1. If only the 360 had the no used games feature this wouldn't be a problem. LOL


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