EMT's Corvo Mask Giveaway

    It's been awhile since I have gave anything away on here so time to start again.  

I will be randomly giving away a Dishonored Corvo Mask code on the Feb. 20th.  All you have to do to enter is just leave a comment below telling me what you like or dislike (or both) about either one of the new consoles set to be released.
PS4 or XBOX 720.

The winner will be picked using a random number generator so please only leave one comment.  This code is only good for XBOX Live.  

Leave your gamertag or email address in your comment and I will pick a winner on the 20th.  Thanks, good luck, and hope you keep stopping by.  

More Giveaways will be happening in near future so bookmark and stay posted.


  1. I think the future is going to be mostly streaming for PS4/Xbox Infinity. Thanks for the chance!

    gamertag: romanticterror

  2. I love dishonored, it was a great game i would love the opportunity to win corvos mask!!!

    gamertag RyuDaBurninator
    email: ryu829@yahoo.com

  3. I'm liking the rumor that the 720 will play blu-rays

    GT: M317

  4. Hoping the new xbox gets bluray capability. Oh, and not a fan of buying games digitally. What if my HDD wipes, and it's so far in the future, I can never recover what I payed for, ala Halo 2 maps?

    Gamertag = Cx3 Grunty

  5. Not liking rumored persistent online and no used games for the 720.

    email: gramcanyon at yahoo dot com

  6. My favorite rumor about the new Xbox console has to be Bluray, I've been holding out on buying a player or a ps3, since I kind of figured the new console would incorporate it.

    Don't want to leave my GT, but here's my cheapassgamer name: steelcurtain11

  7. i am somewhat torn about the used game blocking. in some ways it will be good but for consumers it is bad. it SHOULD give developers more income and hopefully result in less closures for the generation.

    GT: tokyostomp

  8. My favorite rumor about the next-gen is the Blur Ray in the new xbox system. Dislike the rumor about the end of the used games :c.

  9. The online requirement for both consoles will be the death of gaming for those, like my brother, who are hesitant to get broadband internet.

    GT: KingBoogers

  10. I just open the next generation isn't digital only. I still want to buy my games physically. Also I think used game blocking would be horrible.

    GT: game destructor

  11. I don't like the fact that Sony said the next Playstation is going to focus more on social interaction rather then better hardware.

    Gamertag: Vanilla drop

  12. Why would it matter the Playstation Still is a pretty advanced system even today. And Why not pick up a few more friends along the way i loved playing Pool and Bowling with friends ON PS3.

    Gamertag: Gt3guy7315

  13. I hate the fact that both of them are probably not going to be backwards compatible. However, I do like that Xbox is going to finally be using Blu-Rays.

    Dishonored was my choice for GOTY last year so thanks for the opportunity to win this!

    GT: Zombies World

  14. I'm worried about consoles blocking used games and to stay always connected to play even offline games.

    email: wiz742 at hotmail dot com

  15. I don't like how the new consoles might not have backwards compatibility from what I've heard from rumors.


  16. I don't like that all we know about them at this time are a bunch of terrible rumors that I hope aren't true. Gaming will be ruined if you can't play used games. I don't think it's true but it's still scary. I want some official details NOW!!!!

  17. I dislike the rumors about the consoles possibly not having backwards compatibility.

    Gamertag: Vin Skully

  18. I don't like that new consoles may be able to prevent playing used games.

    Gamertag: Darth Nater 77

  19. My number generator chose number 14 so that makes zombies world the winner. Thanks for all the comment guys come back we will be giving some more.out soon

  20. GT= MastrMeatWad

    I like the ability to download the title and begin playing it while it is still downloading. Also, PS4 announcment to watch friends play titles live through the console/connection is rather neat idea as well!

  21. GT= VampireDozies

    I like that it was reported you can play and suspend titles without closing them out so you can open another app quickly and then go back to the game without having to reload and save.


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