Tis' The Season for Free Avatar Gear

I got bored today and decided to refresh the dashboard for awhile to see if there were any new ads giving away free avatar gear. To my surprise there was quiet a few.

Target Ad -
I saw this ad pop up many many times while refreshing dashboard for new ads. Clicking it will net you a neat little puppy for your avatar to play with.

Verizon Ad -
T-Mobile ads were abundant on the dashboard. It took me forever to finally pop-up the Verizon ad but finally got it to show. The ad shows an elf you can download by viewing ad. The Elf is pretty sweet, it has a jet pack and flys around your avatar. While your here you might as well grab the tablet,hoverboard, and phone props also offered from this ad.
Ford Mustang Ad -
I heard about this ad on CAG a while back but it never came up. It just now started showing on my dashboard. The ad shows a ford mustang that is two different colors. This ad gives you alot more than I was expecting. Viewing the ad will net you 5, yes, 5 different avatar items.
Youll receive a hat, shirt, Racing outfit, and 2 Mustang props.

I also saw a World of Warcraft ad on there a bunch, and it might be the same as the one that gives you 2 avatar shirts just for clicking it and viewing trailer. Cant confirm since I didnt try it out.

If anyone else has any ads displaying at this time with free avatar gear, drop me a line in comments below.

Drake out...


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