XBOX Live Rewards Birthday Gift Inbound

Whoa, hold on to your seats. I just received my birthday gift from XBOX Live Rewards program.

I detailed this in a earlier post about the new MyAchievement Rewards based on your gamerscore. Because I am one of the Elite gamers who managed to reach the legendary gamerscore of at least 25000 before the programs start, this entitled me to all the awesome reward unlocks immediately and a stunning gift from Microsoft the month of my birthday (25 cent value per Microsoft)

Well its October and that's the month of my birth, so this morning I received a unexpected email from XBLRP, notifying me that my gift was ready. My hand shook profusely as I moved the mouse to the link. My muscles flinched as I clicked the email and then my mind and eyes were thrust into a world of unexpected glory.

What was the amazing gift I received was it a Birthday Theme, Gamerpic, or Avatar Item?

No those things could have been used or even at least interesting. So what was it you say?

***Drum Roll***

20 Microsoft points.

Not even enough for an Indie game. Thanks Microsoft.


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