Sitting out this Round - Next Gen Revs Up

If you haven’t figured it out by now or have been living under a rock for the last year or two, the next generation console race is upon us.  I was late to the party last time. I had my Original XBOX and a library of other games which kept me occupied for a long time. That was until Halo 3 was announced, then I jumped on board with this current gen and have enjoyed it ever since.

With all the information being leaked (since nothing official has been announced) and the apparent price drops to clear out old inventory (Kinect). Things are being geared up for the next big race. Unfortunately I can see myself sitting this one out again this time for a little while, and here is 3 reasons why.

3. Necessity

At this point I don’t feel the need for a new console. The 360’s I have plopped around aren’t dying nor do they appear to be running out of steam or gas anytime soon.  They are more than efficient at providing me the entertainment I need/desire, and if they ever fail, I have a Blu-Ray player sitting there that is barely utilized (PS3).

                                                     2.  Cost

Now this is a personal issue, but right now I'm just not looking forward to plopping $300+ on a new console. Today’s systems already have HD outputs, digital audio, and 3D compatible.  So I’m not seeing anything they can add to my entertainment center at this point. A XBOX with Blu-Ray and integrated Wi-Fi receiver would be nice but not a necessity at this point.

1.  Backlog

Being a game collector, my backlog is enormous.  I am always on the lookout for cheap games (apparent via this site), so I grab anything I can $10 or less (except for sports games, they require $1 or less).  I have so many games  I want to play at the moment but just haven’t got the time to start.

Another thing that hampers me in relation to this is my achievement whoreism. I start a game and I strive for the full 1000 (DLC blah) on each and every one. Unfortunately while pursuing these games other title I have to play come out (Assassins Creed, Halo, COD) and take precedence over my current game and pushes them back further into my backlog.  I'm kinda looking forward to starting and finishing a lot of the games I have stored in there.


So do any of you share my reasoning and thoughts? Or am I in the minority here?


  1. Definitley agree all points backlog is a big one


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