The Greatest Stories Ever

History has given us many great story writers, and if my thoughts are correct, we now have a modern day Mark Twain among us. You may ask yourself, "where to can I lay my unworthy eyes on such tales and become enlightened".

Truth be told you wont find enlightenment such as this is a book, but you will find them sales ads. Mainly sales ads from Ladies and Gentleman, I must warn you to lock up all forms of currency, because these ads are so enticing, you will spend your life savings buying items you may not need, or ever need, just by their sheer awesomeness and linguistic uses.

If you feel yourself ready: Click the Links Below and be prepared to have your mind blown!!!

Black Eyed Peas - The Experience (WII)

PS3 Controller

Wii Console

Memorex Wii Motion Controller

Side Walk Chalk

This is just a meer tip of the iceberg of awesomeness. Go now and seek words of truth and post up your favorties in the comments below. OH MY GOD! I CAN SEE FOREVER


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