The vote's are in..

..And it's official, EA blows. Electronic Arts was recently named the "winner" in Consumerist's Worst Company in America Tournament. A quarter of a million readers voted for the game publisher primarily because of its price gouging and imperialism that its been known to acquire independent studios like BioWare (Mass Effect).

Which brings us to one of EA's recent greed movements and their detachment from gamers. EA recently announced that they would be releasing an extended cut ending to Mass Effect 3, thanks to the backlash at the original. It was also stated that the DLC would be free until 2014. All is well correct?

Not so much...

In Edge on Wednesday, voice actress Jennifer Hale (female Commander Shepard) states that she has not been contacted by EA or BioWare to record any new dialogue. If Shepard doesn't have new content prepared for the extended cut, is suggest the BioWare has had this new ending content planned all along. With no doubt in my mind, with an intent to sell it.

This is the lowest of the low. Rather than putting a game on the marketplace with a very perturb ending for fans (I personally haven't seen it yet), we were given a game with an ending that was cut and chopped in order to gain revenue from at a later date, for the extended cut.

I personally tend to agree with the general census in the conclusion that EA is the worst business in the industry. I am actually having an issue with their store right now. In short, I placed an order last month (3/14) for Mass Effect 2. Almost a month has gone by and 6 reps later I am told that the payment hasn't cleared. Checking PayPal, I see that the cash has been taken and transferred from my account. So right now, I have a open dispute with them. Ill keep you guys updated on that, but if this goes much like their other practices, I will not receive the game, my money, and will owe them my first born child's college tuition.


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