Gears of War 3 Code Hunt: Just the Good's

For those that aren't aware, there has been a Gears 3 code hunt going on for I think a week or two now, where users are sent codes or find the hidden codes around sites, media, social networking sites, etc.

Well it has came to my attention that some users are not able to participate because this is a US thing. Also some of the certificates are only good for certain users.

So I am going to post the files from the giveaway here so all of you can enjoy them, no matter what nationality or user name you are. The .zip file I've already uploaded contains the first 13 files. It is a arrangement of certificates, posters,tattoos, and the coolest in my opinion, Anya paper craft.  The files that come out after today's date, I will upload individually.  So check back often, cause you know you gotta catch em all....

8/31/11 -


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